Food & Beverage Development

Creating Soulful Brands.

Every great brand begins with a bold idea. At Miles & Leo LLC, we specialize in transforming these sparks into reality.

Our approach combines consumer insights, and market dynamics to create compelling brand stories and product propositions.

Products & Services


Beverage Concepts

Explore a world where creativity meets refreshment. Our team specializes in developing cutting-edge beverage concepts that redefine taste sensations.


Coffee Products

We collaborate with master roasters from around the world to source the finest beans, ensuring a coffee experience like no other.


Functional Foods

From protein snacks to antioxidant-rich treats, each product is crafted with care to provide delicious sustenance that fuels your active lifestyle

Crafting Excellence, Delivering Success

Equipped with culinary expertise, years of experience and scientific precision, we work to turn your concept into a tangible product.
Our global manufacturing network ensures your product, be it a flavorful coffee blend, a refreshing beverage, or a revolutionary functional food, is primed for commercial success.

Making Your Brand a Global Sensation

We leverage our vast network of retailers, food service providers, and e-commerce platforms to ensure your brand achieves maximum visibility.
Our comprehensive understanding of logistics, customs regulations, and distribution channels guarantees a smooth transition into markets across the USA, EU, and beyond.

Investing in Dreams, Creating Reality

Our Investment Relations Program is a unique ecosystem that brings together visionary brand founders and savvy investors.

Here, investment meets mentorship, and together, we nurture the seeds of innovation to grow the unicorns of tomorrow.
Whether you’re a startup dreaming big or an investor with a vision, join us on this journey to redefine the F&B landscape.

Our clients share their experiences

"Miles & Leo's expertise was instrumental in shaping our market strategy. Their team meticulously analyzed market trends and consumer preferences, guiding us towards a targeted approach that resonated with our audience. Additionally, their seamless coordination of co-packing services ensured the quality and consistency of our coffee blends.
-Jason B
Their keen insights into consumer behavior and industry trends helped us carve out a distinct niche in the market. Moreover, their adept handling of distribution channels ensured our sauces reached shelves far and wide, elevating our brand to new heights of success. Miles & Leo's partnership has been nothing short of transformative for our sauce business."
-Jose V

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